Sunday, June 24, 2012

Iona birds.

 Not the spiffiest Yellow-head, but still quite handsome.

Iona Beach is not much of a beach, but it's a Magical Kingdom of birds.  Today's top three (possibly four) birds were Yellow-headed blackbird, which is usually a reliable find at this time of year, Black (and possibly Vaux's) Swifts, and best of all,

Martins chortling by the river.

Purple Martins, nesting, which here is kind of a big deal.  About Purple Martins in BC, and more recent news.


aviary for birds said...

Wonderful share indeed! thank you so much for the share. Nice blog.

Eskarina said...

Very cool about the martins!

On a slightly different note, I've noticed a sharp decline in the number of barn swallows nesting in our neighbourhood this year. Our townhouse complex is at the west end of Williams, abutting the dyke, and to the best of my knowledge had hosted a healthy nesting colony of barn swallows for over 30 years. We've been privileged to half a half dozen pairs rear their young in our carport over the short time we have lived here, but this year not a single swallow even visited our yard.
Do you happen to know if this decline is localized or if other parts of Richmond are also seeing a decline in barn swallow numbers?

Hugh Griffith said...

Eskarina, As I understand it, there's a decline of Barn Swallows throughout North America. As for Richmond, I have no data on numbers over the years. Let's hope this year is a blip and they'll be back at your place next summer.

Kim Zuch said...

My mom came out to Nevada to visit me and I took her to a wetland to look at birds. We saw a yellow-headed blackbird and she asked what it was. She said, "is that really what it's called?" She thought I was making it up to

Eskarina said...

Sorry for the delayed reply, we were away. Thanks for the info, looks like we may need to start taking notes.