Friday, June 8, 2012

Two things.

I don't have the energy or imagination to compile a comprehensive list of things that give me hope, but right off the bat I can think of two.  One is how people break their hearts trying to send self-stranded whale pods back out to sea.  That is always a beautiful, sad story.

A second is how traffic comes to a complete halt when a mother duck decides to lead her babies across a busy road.  I enjoy hearing about that on the morning traffic report.


Georgia (local ecologist) said...

Make way for ducklings!

Mike B. said...

So true!

swamp4me said...

Dang, I keep forgetting this isn't Facebook and I can't just hit "like"

Rob-bear said...

I found your story when I slid over from Murr Brewster's place.

I once got involved in a mother duck's mistake.

She led her babies across the street all right, but they couldn't get up the curb on the far side. So, since I was the lead car that stopped for them, I had to get out and scoot the critters over the "walls" with my hands, and on to the next 50 feet of grass that took them to the river. Their mom had a fit with what I did. But everyone got on with the last leg of their trek when I was finished. So the challenge ended well.

But how a mom could have built her nest in such a crazy place is beyond me. Having to cross a busy road and get over the curb, before arriving at the river?

Must have been a first-time mom.

JoLynne Lyon said...

I love it! And what boss wouldn't forgive you for waiting until the ducks were safely across?

Kim said...


biobabbler said...

Hee. Like Swamp, I was just searching for the Like button. Habit.

Good points. Having conducted roadkill surveys, this is a good reminder that not on EVERY road do people go FLYING by, irrespective and/or unaware of wildlife all about. Thank you.

=) For some reason, I needed that today.

Kim and Victoria said...

Couldn't agree more. Our traffic is often stopped for ducks, geese and even quail.