Thursday, July 26, 2012

Everyone here is overreacting.

Here is Osprey at nest.  Perhaps yesterday's osprey.  I bet it is, because it's about a quarter mile from yesterday's predatory ker-sploosh.  Osprey seems a bit jumpy.
Osprey looks skyward apprehensively.  Uh-oh.

A pair of feisty Western Kingbirds attacks.  What the heck for?  Do they not know that Osprey is a piscivore?  Calm down, yellow-bellied nutcases.
And Osprey almost topples out of the nest making freaked-out defensive moves.  Osprey are so self-involved and flighty that they have no sense of what a normal bird of prey would and should do in such a situation.  Just sit there and seethe.  Like a Bald Eagle.  Like a Red-tail.

Everyone just chill.


biobabbler said...

1. the word seethe is grossly underused.
2. I suspect the kingbirds are suffering from hormonal overload. Ever make the mistake of looking sideways at a pregnant woman? She'll KICK the SNOT out of you before you know it. Nothing is going to harm her or that baby. It's pretty amazing. =)
3. the "bad bird pictures" label made me laugh. You are such a braggart.

KaHolly said...

Poor things! It's just their nature. My companion and I paddled into a little cove out in the middle of nowhere to stop and have some lunch. An osprey was so upset that we were there, and became so agitated, that I thought she/he would have a heart attack. It was really kind of pathetic, certainly heart-wrenching. We quietly slipped out of the cove and stopped elsewhere to scoff down our P&J sandwiches. ~karen

Hugh said...

bb: Seethe is a great word. You are probably right about the kingbirds, but still I think they should all calm down a bit. They ARE bad pictures.

Karen, Osprey live all over the place, often on man-made structures, including, as here, man-made nest platforms. They see a lot of people, most of whom mean no harm. Maybe folks in their winter ranges are not as accommodating.