Monday, August 6, 2012

Bits of BC.

Today, in this province, was BC Day, which is an excuse for a long weekend in August in BC.  They could have just called it The August Long Weekend.

Here are some pictures of BC, of places that were unknown to me until this summer.  Above is a crumbly moutainside into which valiant firs have dug their toes, hoping to outlive the next scree slide.  This was a bit west of Hedley.

Google Hedley.  It's nice.

A bit east of Hedly was this sculpted rock face.  A few miles away from above, totally different physiognomy.  Where is the interpreter to tell me what the heck is going on here?  He/she is unemployed, or working at something soul-destroying, that's where.

Here are the fertile fields of Keremeos, backed by a mountain that apparently now and then sheds large swaths of itself.


This is delightful Skaha Lake, smaller sibling of Okanagan Lake.  The two are separated by the city of Penticton, which is built upon alluvium that cut a once larger lake into two.

West side of Skaha Lake.  Lumpy land looms above shallow water.  It's hot here, hottest part of Canada.

Big brother Okanagan Lake, seen from its toe-end, the north beach in Penticton. 

Skaha Lake at Pretty Time.  I saw many bats here, including large ones whose chirps were down in the 20-25 MHz ranges.  This spot is within the known geographic range of miraculous Spotted Bats. I will always wonder.


biobabbler said...

wow. SPOTTED BATS, cool. Even a maybe sighting. =) Glad you're hanging out in such nifty places. Sweet. I'm forever impressed by plants who can live on what is 99.8% rock. Amazing.

Hugh said...

bb, They wuz magical places. I wish I had had an interpreter, especially a bat interpreter.

Katie (Nature ID) said...

Ah, that area is so stunning. Once flew into Vancouver with 3 friends and drove to Kelowna for a wedding on the lake. We didn't understand why she would locate there, but once we saw the mountains we understood.

Patricia Lichen said...

I echo biobabbler's wow for the potential spotted bats, and throw in an extra ooh and aah as well.

What is happening with those kids in the Okanagan Lake shot? Are there 3 kids? Are they not really kids but some kind of sculpture? Clearly you are not in the USA--our children usually create much fatter silhouettes...

Hugh said...

Katie, It is a fabulous place. I once interviewed for a job there. How different life's weather would have been had I got it.

Pat, it's a sculpture, and they're a bit slim for a lot of folks here too.