Friday, August 3, 2012

Tiny, tidy.

There's frantic peeping going on in this nest box.  Momma has just flown in with some food.  I didn't see her.  Who is nesting on the side of this Ponderosa pine?

A face pops out.  Momma.

Pygmy Nuthatch!  And in her bill, a bit of nest dross.  I watched her come and go.  Every time she carried food in, and took waste away.  Tiny, tidy, efficient.


Kim Zuch said...

Cute pictures! Nuthatches are cool...

Linda Navroth said...

I love these birds! When I hike in the Mt. Pinos area I see a lot of them; it's a huge Pygmy Nuthatch habitat. I love how they fly in little groups and their calls are so sweet.