Thursday, December 13, 2012

One fewer snow goose.

Hello!  Still here!

I have taken many pictures of snow geese over the past few years.  They hang out in our town throughout the colder, damper months.  They eat schoolyards.  They poop on them.  I have explained this many times in this blog (click on the "snow geese" label for previous posts). 

Today I found a first--a dismembered snow goose in a schoolyard. A partial snow goose. A hemi-goose.  It's perhaps a good thing that I didn't have a decent camera with me.  I also didn't even have one of our i-Things with me, useful gadgets with decent built-in cameras.  All I had was a venerable Samsung flip-phone.  It has a camera feature, but it really isn't a camera. Thus you are spared the gory bits. (There were some.)

I don't know who got the goose.  This was in the field behind Blundell Elementary, for those who know this town. There was a bald eagle flapping around, being harassed by crows and gulls.  He's my bet,  the way the goose had been consumed in situ.  A coyote would have trotted away with it.

More snow goosery later, no doubt.


biobabbler said...

1. yay for low-res photos of nature gore. While I am a biologist, and have been paid to try and identify small pieces of skin that I scrape off the highway, I am a sensitive creature. Probably why I'm a conservation biologist. A sap. So, PHEW!

2. I can't believe you used "fewer." *happysigh* THANK YOU!!!

Hugh Griffith said...

I'm an advocate of "fewer." I get angry at the express line sign at the grocery store: "8 items or less." No! 8 items or FEWER!
Twitter: say it in 140 characters or FEWER!

biobabbler said...


Hearty belly laugh of the grammatically gratified. Hooray!

I also like "seldom" but hear it, uh, infrequently.