Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Lilac and pear.

Look!  Weather!  We almost never have weather here.  Mostly it just rains, and in late summer it can be sunny for an extended period.  Weather is a rare occurrence.

For a number of years I worked in a nature centre that had a slide collection (remember slides?). The slides were inserted in plastic sleeves and stored in folders in a filing cabinet.  One of the folders was labelled "Weather."  It contained a large number of slides, all showing snow.  Snowy paths, snowy trees, snowy viewing platforms.  Whenever it snowed, once or twice a year, the cameras of old came out.  Weather!

In between pictures you had to wind the film.  Remember that?  To this day my right thumb has winding-memory.

Feeling nostalgic for those days long ago, of film and slides and winding, I took some pictures out the back window this morning.




biobabbler said...

"Oh, my God!" = reaction to "in between pictures you had to wind the film." I'd forgotten. I don't miss the stress of loading/unloading the film, 'cause an error = catastrophe. Or the cost of developing, or going on an 8 hour field trip w/only 48 exposures possible. Maybe 72 if I shelled out the big bucks.


But, I love the old metal cameras, the sound, the heft, how durable they are... What I really would love is one of the cameras my dad had w/the 2 1/4" by 2 1/4" negatives. NICE!!

"weather" = "snow," Only. Nice.

Susannah Anderson said...

How do you rate? We've just got rain again. All the nice snow has washed away.

Hugh said...

bb: I'm with you on everything there. So many more pics I would have taken. Plus here only snow is weather.

Susannah, It's all gone. There's that sharp magic moment, just as the snow turns to rain.

Patricia K. Lichen said...

No weather here in my neighborhood yet. Just the regular rain, followed by showers.

Eskarina said...

Went to visit that nature park on Sunday and all but the boardwalk trail were closed owing to the effects of "weather". Every tree in site looks like it has been topped - told they all snapped when the snow got too heavy.

Hugh said...


Almost every large birch at the park is dead or moribund because of fungal infections carried by burrowing beetles (many are introduced spp). The wood is weak, and almost every heavy snowfall or wind storm drops more tops. Why I own a hardhat.