Friday, January 11, 2013

Snow geese @ Garden City

Have I posted about snow geese yet this winter?  I don't think so.  I've hardly posted at all.

But today the sky was blue and the geese were bleating (they don't really honk), and  I found myself following the sound to where they were grazing.  They were in the fields between Garden City Elementary and Palmer Secondary schools.  They've been there for a few days, after having ignored this part of Richmond since their arrival in mid-autumn.

Goose vista.

Graze near a high school, get chased by teenagers.  Fly in a circle and land again. Resume grazing.

Lady showing how to create a perfect circle of grass surrounded by snow geese.

Notice the noodly turf-bits dangling from bills.

For more information on snow geese in Richmond, click on the snow geese label (several posts over a number of years).  The most informative is this one from spring 2012.

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