Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Grey day with hummingbird.

Look one way.

Look the other way.

Look straight ahead.

Sing the happy/angry skritchy skritchy song.

This Anna's Hummingbird was perched atop a prominent twig, doing his best to add a bit of cheeriness/rage to an otherwise oppressively dull day.  These little guys are becoming more and more common in southern BC.  This one was in Garden City Park in central Richmond.


Patricia Lichen said...

Love LOVE this depiction of the little pipsqueaks!

Hugh Griffith said...

Thanks, Pat. You must have them where you are too. They may be the best definition of "pipsqueak." I've lived here 15 years and never saw one until about five years ago, and now they're everywhere, and most visible in winter.

Murr Brewster said...

We're happily saturated with them around here. I thought I was finally putting out good plants and got rewarded, but I hear it's another climate change thingy.

biobabbler said...

Love the 2 tiny bright pink spots in the stare-straight-ahead shot. And skritchy is precisely the sound. =) Glad you have something new to gaze at in winter. Heartier creatures than I!

Hugh Griffith said...

Murr, Seeing as we don't have winter around here anymore (including this year), the climate change thingy hypothesis seems to make sense.

bb: I will keep trying for a full flaming face shot, but there's rarely enough sun here for that to happen. They are indeed hearty. I've seen one at a feeder where the solution inside was half-frozen.