Saturday, February 16, 2013


Here's a better picture of the Anna's Hummingbird from last week.  Same bird, same cantankerousness, dinosaur rage titrated to a thumb-sized package. Same gleaming, angry eye.


biobabbler said...

Your writing kills me. But, I expect your hummingbird is more eager for my death. Eep! Teeny, tiny tyrant. Looking at a few shots I got recently, they do seem a bit hostile-glare-y.

Please continue the fabulousness.

And WHY are you not getting snow this year? Is this freakish? Aren't you WAY, WAY up there?

Hugh said...

Hi bb. Up until a decade or so ago winter Anna's were a thrill. Now they're just here, along with the lack of snow. The winters in the 90s I spent in Berkeley were colder than the winters up here now. I shoveled the sidewalk once this year, in December. I didn't need to, half-inch, knew it would melt before dinner. As a displaced easterner I had to go do it, desperately trying to reconnect to real winter. Reality seems to be that here it's over.

Patricia Lichen said...

Well, I've never thought about that before. It IS a good thing those little Napoleons are as small as they are... One was torqued off with me the other day for walking past the tree it was sitting in. I thought it was cute; now I realize it was ferocious in an itty bitty way.