Sunday, February 17, 2013


Green-winged teal at the pond in the park are getting giddy.  The males are posturing and making high-pitched sounds more shorebird than duck, and the females are gliding around with their eyebrows raised.  It is spring.

We have had vitually no winter this year.  I was recently carping that this has been the most boring winter in history. One brief snowfall, little wind, and the rain, when it came, was anemic.

I have been proven correct.  Cliff Mass, UW climatologist, has determined that here in the Pacific northwest, this has in fact been the most boring winter in history.  

The crocuses are up, have been for weeks. The ducks are frisky.  Spring.  Snore.


pattib said...

Bummer. We're getting at least a little winter.

Lea said...

Count your blessings! I'll bet the ducks are counting theirs!
Next winter may bring a record blizzard, with cars sliding around on the roads, crashing into each other, and homeless people freezing to death.
Lea's Menagerie

Hugh said...

Patti, Relatively warm parts of the US are getting more snow than us. In the past week I have heard people using the phrase "snow envy."

Lea, We've had so many mild winters in recent years that I wonder if we'll ever have a cold one again.