Sunday, March 10, 2013

The herons of Stanley Park.

They're back.  Great Blue Herons have returned to the henronry next to the Vancouver Park Board Office parking lot, across from the the tennis courts, overlooked by hi-rises of the West End.  This will be the thirteenth consecutive year they've nested there.

Here's last year's report on the colony.

Some people in nearby apartments complain because the herons are "noisy."  Life can be hard.


Tim said...

Looks like now would be the best time to see the nests and herons as well. Once the leaves come out, their presence will be observed only by the squacks and smells.

Kim and Victoria said...

We have a similar heron nesting tree near the river; we see it on our walks. Herons are so beautiful.

biobabbler said...

Hee. Yes, re: "life can be hard." Heaven forbid some beautiful creatures should thrive and multiply near you. I totally get their outrage.


Patricia Lichen said...

Oh, isn't nature inconsiderate, tho?