Sunday, April 14, 2013


Nesting time.  A pair of Canada Geese has chosen an interesting site.  It's a turf-covered piling on the Middle Arm of the Fraser River, a few metres offshore, in plain view of a busy dike-top hiking & biking trail, and across the river from the Vancouver Airport seaplane terminal.

The piling is also a memorial. The leaping salmon fish at the top of the pole has "Fred' engraved on one side, and "Dad" on the other.  Simple, heartfelt,

And now expecting.


biobabbler said...

So sweet!! =)

Patricia Lichen said...

Aw, you're making me think of my own father, gone a year now. He was no fisherman, but he was both a dad and a Fred.

What a sweet memorial someone created, and what a funny and interesting nesting site... location, location, location.

Adam said...

This is an awesome as well as interesting nesting site.