Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Vireo hunting.

Over the past week, vast waves of Warbling Vireos have been moving through southern coastal British Columbia, as I'm sure almost nobody has noticed.  Caterpillars noticed though.  "Look out, it's a Warbling V...!"  The freshly-leafed birches, crawling with caterpillars, have been where many bugs met their ends--which they can actually do because they're very flexible.

Nabbed one.  A little green job.  Notice the fuzzy brown blob to the left of the bird.  It's a terrified curled-up meaty larva. A tent caterpillar?  Did the bird not see it, or are they not palatable?  Or is it being kept for dessert--a big birdy bug bundt cake?


biobabbler said...

You've just made me very grateful that I'm not that particular caterpillar.

I do believe I've read that (some) tent caterpillars have toxins on their little quills, but I think it was passively acquired from all the poops in said tent. 'Twas an OLD text on caterpillars (tiny book, with LOVELY old font) that I'd bought for a moth-expert friend of mine, so can't look it up.

(due to time constraints I'm ignoring the existence of the web)

Eskarina said...

Wow! Great series of action shots! Have not seen any Warbling Vieros, and I'm sure my neighbours fruit trees would like to!