Sunday, October 13, 2013

Terra Nova beaver.

Here's a beaver-gnawed willow in the wildlife area of the Terra Nova Park, Richmond BC.  The tree is one of a clump of three at the edge of a narrow ditch that serves as aquatic habitat and a moat around the old field. 

 B is for beaver tree

How the beaver got in there I'm not sure.  Some cross-land waddling must have been involved, most likely nocturnal waddling to avoid the numerous dog walkers and cyclists. 

Larger scale map of area.
Map of larger area

I don't know if it (they?) is still around, gnawing at trees at the very edge of suburbia.  We'll have to keep tabs on the willows. 


PSYL said...

Interesting find. Where do you think it comes from? Somewhere within the wildlife area?

Hugh said...

I don't know. Iona? (I've heard there are some in Macdonald Slough.) The South Arm? Swim up the ditch from Garry Pt? I wish I could spend more time at Terra Nova to check it out further.

biobabbler said...

okay, I was REALLY confused, but my theory is that the 3rd image (2nd map) is actually a smaller scale map (things in the map appear smaller, area included is larger,

I ONLY share this for anyone who was confused as I have been in the past, 'cause I was confused about this FOREVER but finally, when part-time GIS nerd for the NPS, I had to get it straight. My method was, if the house looks LARGE, it's a large scale map. If the map looks small, it's a small scale map. Obv. informal definition.

Nerdery aside, I am FOREVER impressed & amazed by wildlife that cruise through our neighborhoods and manage to survive. I've been paid to monitor construction to protect salmon, and the bank lady asked, "Are you going to Oregon?"

Nope. San Jose. In a dirty little creek by the airport. Salmon live there, despite the HIGH levels of mercury, trash, homeless encampments, etc. And stepping between garbage & abandoned clothing, I saw a young Pacific lamprey (anadromous fish) mildly swimming by and FLIPPED MY LID.

Hence my continued worship of wildlife. =) *happy sigh*

Hugh said...

bb: I think you're right about the map. I sort of fixed it.

We used to live in a suburban part of Surrey (middle right of second map, near the Hwy 10 label). We had a little creek in our yard that spilled from a culvert under the road. It was weird mowing the lawn with salmon struggling past. I can only imagine what they thought.

Eskarina said...

Cool! I cycle through there most days and will keep my eyes open. FYI about two years ago a naturalist with a camera trap caught images of an otter in one of those culverts, further inland than I would have thought. Personally I have seen mink and muskrats. Now on the hunt for a beaver!

Hugh said...


I placed the symbol on the map in the wrong spot. The tree is farther south, closer to the footpath that leads into the subdivision.

I've also seen muskrat and mink. Otter would be very cool.

Unknown said...

Was out walking there during the summer. I saw the beaver itself, swimming in that very waterway. I thought I was imagining things, but now that I have seen your post, I am thrilled; I actually saw a beaver in the city!