Friday, January 3, 2014

Meerkat Birds (Kolea).

In autumns past at Boundary Bay I have stood bent over, back aching, peering through a telescope, scanning masses of shorebirds, trying to divine a migrant Pacific Golden-Plover from within a large mixed flock of mostly Black-bellied Plovers.  Some birders can conjure such a bird whilst surrounded by other birders and instantly become Wayne Gretzky.  Not me.

But here's this.  While waiting in a long line-up to visit the Pearl Harbor Memorial, I can spot them 20 feet away on the lawn.  (I also spied one perched on the roof of a breakfast place in Honolulu.)

I can even spot the tired ones.

Because the walking-around ones are so upright and bright-eyed, my daughter called them Meerkat Birds. Just look. That's bang-on.

Hawaiian for Pacific Golden-Plover is Kolea.

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