Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I knew Tyrone Hayes for a couple of years.  I was a postdoctoral fellow at Berkeley when he was a PhD candidate.  I had the pleasure of hanging out with him from time to time, going for pizza and beer, the odd party. He is genial and funny and in my opinion humblingly gifted. His talks were always well-attended and well-received, whether at Berkeley--not an easy audience even if they liked you--or at international conferences. I've had the occasional reminder over the years since leaving Berkeley, via television documentaries and other media reports, that he had been studying herbicides used on corn crops whose side effects alter sexual determination in amphibians and may have potentially dire effects not only on their tenuous populations, but also on humans.

That is not small potatoes.  That is Holy Crap!

The point of all this: 

Tyrone Hayes is an ethical, rigorous scientist who has been persecuted for performing research whose results have revealed dangerously toxic side-effects of profit-driven corporate practices.

Please read Rachel Aviv's account in the New Yorker

Hugh Griffith, PhD.

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JK said...

Plus he gives a very entertaining while informative talk. Very funny and gifted indeed.