Sunday, April 13, 2014

Late season honkfest: Snow Geese in Richmond.

They're still here.  It's nearing the end of Snow Goose season; some hang around into May, but most should be Siberia-bound soon. There was a large flock Friday across the south arm of the Fraser from Vancouver International Airport.  It started with about a hundred.

And then another hundred, and another, and then more, much like planes arriving at regular, noisy intervals.

Within 20 minutes there were a few thousand.

And still they came.

I don't know how many there were. Lots.  

Today I took all our empty cans and bottles to the recycling depot.  There is a woman who works there who can scan a flat of randomly placed cans and count them in about 2 seconds.  She would probably be good at Snow Geese.

Snow Geese: 4,657 (or so).  Cackling Geese: 1.  I've never seen other geese mingle with Snowies before.

Look at those wings.  Darn near perfection.


biobabbler said...

So, that means Ross's Goose is not commonly scattered among them, up there? Pardon if obv. I'm a weak birder...

I just LOVE seeing them whether floating, strolling, or flying. Their color & shape minimalism x 10,000 birds makes for amazing images.

Hugh Griffith said...

bb: Ross's migrate through the middle of the continent, not along the Pacific Flyway. So as a rule, they don't show up here. As I understand it, the ones that winter in CA fly east over the mountains and then up the plains.