Thursday, August 14, 2014


Last week we went up Cypress Mountain, which is the Mt. Tam of Vancouver.  It was a bright but somewhat hazy/smoky day.

We went on the Yew Lake Trail in Cypress Provincial Park.  It's a short, flat loop that takes you to a pretty little montane lake.  There were a lot of loud people on the trail, but that's what happens in easily accessible spots.  Many people were using those walking poles too.  You can probably pick up a pair at any Pacific Northwest garage sale, lightly used.

The blueberries were out.

Blue poop (bloop).

And many had fulfilled their purpose.

"Dad is taking pictures of poop!"

Here is Mr./Ms./Dr. Bloop, processing more berries. Bloop was completely unconcerned about all the noisy pole-swingy people walking past 25 yards away.  As we stood, watching, we could hear people coming from a  hundred yards in either direction.  Yak yak yak.  Poke poke poke. In addition to swingy poles, some even had silly little bear bells that were no match whatsoever for their outside voices.  Yak yak yak. Poke poke poke. Tinkle.

They would walk past in groups of various sizes, not the least bit curious why we were standing at the edge of the trail, looking into the bush.  As they passed, here's what would happen:

Me, pointing: There's a bear.

Them, pausing: Where?

Me: Over there.

Them:  A bear!  

Then they would experience the flight or smart phone response. Smart phone invariably won, although with difficulty because of the interference of swingy pole wrist loops.

Eventually bear shuffles away.  Find a quiet place to bloop.


Hilary said...

Hugh, you are SO right about ubiquitous LOUD people. And the bear bells.
Enjoyed your photos. I've never been there.

Hugh said...

Hi Hilary, Thank you for the comment. You must go there, an easy place to wander and find mountainy birds like gray jays and chestnut-backed chickadees. (But don't go on summer long weekends.)

biobabbler said...

How can I NOT read a post called "Bloop"? My chicken ALSO makes bloop when I feed her the magical blueberries. What to call it when she's been eating beets? Roop?

My husb & I have had (loud) strangers come up to us on a trail stating that THEY'VE not seen ANY birds. And, of course, we'd just BEEN watching birds, but they were ALL scared off by the loudies. It's amazing to me that they don't understand that being loud and all arm-swingy scares (sensible) wildlife off. My husb. very diplomatically suggested they try being still and quiet and see if the birds come back. I didn't trust myself to speak. =)

Hugh said...

bb: Coyotes bloop too.

I don't know what people expect when they walk in the woods. Snow White and friendly woodland creatures? Birding is hard.