Monday, October 20, 2014

Scrub-Jay surveys blueberry fields, central Richmond.

Today, 2:45 PM.  I was biking along on the Francis Rd. right-of-way/bike path east of No 4 Rd in Richmond.  A Western Scrub-Jay was perched on an overhead wire about halfway along the westernmost blueberry field.

Western Scrub-Jay.

This is a productive wire.  In September 2010 I photographed a Common Nighthawk perched on it.


Susannah Anderson said...

I've never seen one of these around here, but I checked Cornell's sighting reports, and there are several this year in New West. I wonder if they're moving north as the climate changes.

Hilary said...

Nice spotting, Hugh! And good to see another post on the blog!


Hugh said...

Hi Susannah, I knew of the New West birds and wondered if this was one of those.

Thanks Hilary. I didn't intend for my retirement to be so short. I didn't have anything more to say--until suddenly I did.

From Bluebirds to Turtles said...

Hugh, Glad to see you again!

Hugh said...

Thanks aubrey, for that, and for your kind words after my previous post.

Arati said...

Im glad to see you write again. I have not been reading blogs lately due to an injury but when I did yours was one I quite enjoyed.
Thank you for the glimpse into the natural history of western Canada and for your fun way of writing. You have been inspirational in my keeping up my blog.

Hugh said...

Hi Arati,
I hope are recovering well from your injury. I always enjoyed your blog too, learning about a place so far from here. Best wishes.