Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Orange buzzler. (The name makes sense if you've heard one.)

Previously on Rock Paper Lizard:  (My account of the Varied Thrush).

I saw a number of them this week, while wandering around one of my old haunts, the Richmond Nature Park.  There were small groups of thrushes, in the deep deciduous woods that enclose the eastern portions of the trail loops, and in the more open bog forest in the northwest corner of the largest loop trail.


For a second or two, a Varied Thrush was at the very beginning of the Twin Peaks opening credits, giving that remarkable 1990s show instant Pacific Northwest cred.  The bird on screen was silent though, not singing.  It was a female, looking a bit impatient.  They don't like being filmed, or photographed.  The one above is uncharacteristically inquisitive-looking.  Usually they turn their backs to you, like this:


(Video by Mid-Valley Media Group, Oregon).

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