Friday, March 9, 2018

Value Village, Knick Knacks

Our daughter and her friend wanted to go to Value Village.  They were looking for funky additions to their wardrobes. They are artistic and have a sense of fun that is good to nurture, especially at bargain prices.  They went into the racks and delved among jackets and tops.  I stayed in the car, staring at my phone but soon ran out of things to read.  I  went into the store too.

I didn't get much farther than the knick knack aisle.  I find the silent sadness of out-of-context knick knacks hard to ignore.  These are things that meant things to people.  Eventually each was rejected, under what likely were unhappy circumstances--death, sickness, dissolution of marriage or family, loss of memory, of  youth, of sense of fun.

They poke at at your heart with sad smiles.

They mystify.

They disturb.  Is that a goiter? 

They horrify.  

How many gastropods died for this one?  How many copies of this one were mass-produced somewhere, requiring the death of uncountable cowries, periwinkles and snails?  Had google-eyes--the linchpin of this creation--not been invented, would so many mollusks have died?  

These are thoughts that probably don't occur to most people.

Is the pink bow-tie pleasing?  

No, it is not.

Our home is close to knick-knack free.  We have a stylized wooden wood duck drake on the mantle, and a plaster of paris eurypterid that one of the kids made at science camp propped up in a plate stand atop a book case. 

They are hell to dust around.


Susannah Anderson said...

That poor little turtle! He looks embarrassed to be caught in such company!

Hugh Griffith said...

Susannah, I almost bought him, but it's such a slippery slope.

JoLynne Lyon said...

Ha ha ha! I recently helped Mom downsize and reflected a lot on how today’s society doesn’t value dust collectors. And it’s probably time to let it go.