Monday, April 22, 2019

Good neighbours make good fences.

During a windstorm a week or so ago, the top, lattice section of our fence blew off.  Neighbour and I fetched hammers and nails and whacked the thing back up again.

A few days later I was admiring what a fine job we had done. That afternoon, a sudden wind arose. Two entire sections of fence --lattice, planks, centre post-- fell down. There is a lesson in that. (Pride, vanity, rot.)

Fence replacement people have been notified, but over the long weekend I can take advantage of the gap to admire neighbour's apple tree.

Note the skunk-damaged lawn. 
(Foraging for European chafer beetle larvae.)

There are five apple varieties grafted onto the base. Some are still buds, 
others are in full bloom.

Also, it's raining.

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