Bermuda Rock Lizard

A few leftovers from the early 90s, when I would spend several weeks each summer studying the Bermuda Rock Lizard (Plestiodon longirostris) , Bermuda's only endemic terrestrial vertebrate.  It's a highly endangered little lizard, surviving as only a few small populations within  the Bermudian archipelago.

Bermuda Rock Lizard images.  Hatchlings to adults, many showing physical damage, likely injuries from attempted predation.
Scene of the Crime.  Predation on Plestiodon longirostris by introduced species.

Death from Above, 5% alc/vol.  Bermuda Rock Lizards perish in discarded beer bottles.

Griffith et al.  Introduced birds as probable agents of population change in the Bermuda Rock Lizard.

Griffith and Wingate.  Predation on juvenile Plestiodon longirostris by introduced Jamaican Anole.