The Interpreter Stories

A nature interpreter is someone who, usually on behalf of a parks department or similar organization, is responsible for explaining the natural world to others.  Interpreters go by various titles: Park Naturalist, Ranger, Nature Person... but whatever the name, almost invariably, they are under-respected and underpaid.   Impoverished, demoralized, they continue their work, as if believing that some day, meaningful change will come of it. 

What readers have said of The Interpreter Stories:

L: "Got stuck, for hours, reading the interpreters stories, which was the next best thing to any bestsellers!"
CS: "Poor, poor interpreter...our hearts bleed...while we chuckle, chuckle, chuckle!"
TM: "Marvelous! Simply marvelous!"
BB: "I love your interpreter stories.  They are so funny, and often a bit sad, too."
AD: "I read the first sentence and thought 'goody goody, another interpreter story.'  I really enjoy the interpreter stories."
DC: "If you ever publish the interpreter stories in book format, please do let me know."
TM: "I love the interpreter stories!"
SL: "I love these stories."
NS: "My officemate thinks I'm insane and given to fits of unprovoked laughter.  But how bittersweet."
CT: "I keep meaning to tell you I love these interpreter stories.  Keep it up!"
KH: "I feel I've made this wonderful discovery-the interpreter stories!"

The Stories

Look, an Osprey!
Bent-nose Memories
Identifying a Moth by Phone
Getting Dirty
The Instant Death Mushroom
The Grand Moustache
The Plan for Lugworms
No Bread
Intertidal Interpretation
Fudging the Goose Count
You Don't See What You're Not Looking For
Enjoying a Slug
A Palindrome
Chum Salmon
Youth Counsellor
Rex Hates Hats
The Earworm
The Cedar Waxwing
Grey Rabbit
Winter Food Chain
Christmas Bird Count
Oil Patch
An Unmarked Trail
The Woodpecker Song
Seven Dollars a Bat
Painting the Feely-box
Ask an Expert
American Pipit
The Cow

And then, the interpreter has a name:  Lost in the Woods