Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thirdless Thursday*: wildlife trees.

*When you only have two of something. Others here, here, and here.

This western hemlock is punctated with Red-breasted Sapsucker holes from top to bottom (50-60 feet of holes). It's in a park where I worked a decade ago. Back then, it was only mildly perforated, but enough that animals besides sapsuckers visited the sap wells. I remember seeing Mourning Cloak Butterflies and Ruby-crowned Kinglets enjoying the goo--in the kinglets' case, probably the bugs stuck in it.

Ramshackle and decrepit, yet still a fundamental part of things.

This is a dead Red Alder. It is falling apart beautifully, dropping large sheets of bark. The loose-hanging sheets make for great day-roosts for bats. And the whole thing must be crawling with bugs and other inverts. Nice.

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Victoria Williams said...

"It is falling apart beautifully". What a great statement. I hope someone describes me that way someday.
Thanks for your nature posts. I really enjoy them.