Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Eagle's day.

Sit in fir, squawk a bit.

See a taller fir, decide to fly over there. Squawk.

Enjoy the wind whistling through primary feathers. Squawk!

Safe landing. Uh-oh, crows!

Abandon tree. Many squawks!


Addendum: Be sure to check out the very clever Edition 117 of I and the Bird at The Marvelous in Nature.


KaHolly said...

I love the commentary accompanying these great photos! ~karen

Karen said...

My folks have eagles that perch atop Douglas firs near their house. My dad describes their arrival/departure cry as a "scream." But maybe the ones near you are more polite, being at least partially Canadian? I guess the crows mob predators not just during fledging season, huh? They are pesky year-round!

Hugh Griffith said...

Thanks KaHolly-Karen.

Greenwalks Karen, I would describe their call as a shrill, babbly whistle. It isn't what one expects from a magestic predator. I said "squawk" because it's a short, funny word.