Saturday, July 3, 2010

Arthropod Issues: Part Two.

I was upstairs typing something. At some point I became vaguely aware of a WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP etc. from downstairs. I didn't bother to question what it might be. It could be anything.



Young daughter appeared at my elbow, jarring me from my typing. She held a purple plastic fly-swatter shaped like a butterfly. It had obviously seen recent action.

"There was a million queen ants in the kitchen, and I had to smush them."

"Oh," I said.

"I had to do it, because you're lazy."

I have spared you all a visual of the breakfast nook window. Easily a million.

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Seabrooke said...

Hee. That's quite cute. Brings to mind a memory I have of my sisters and I, aged <10 yrs, dealing with a similar kitchen invasion by taping them all to the floor with scotch tape, while Mom enjoyed her coffee in bed. Then we left for school. Not sure what Mom did with them all once we were gone...