Sunday, July 4, 2010

The state of things.

It's an odd, cool day. Stupefied bumblebees are staggering around on the sidewalk and lawn. A man in shorts and a t-shirt passes a woman in a down jacket. They look at each other suspiciously.

We're due for heat, tomorrow or Tuesday, which will be most welcome. But right now, before the thermal onslaught, the front garden is at its peak. The Santolina is swarming the sidewalk. I often see people stopping to stare at it, or take a picture.

The blue elderberry is reaching up up up. It gets bigger every year. Our previous next door neighbour didn't appreciate Big Blue. The new neighbours love it.

Meanwhile, in the leaky old birdbath, things are getting completely out of hand.


biobabbler said...

GREAT post. Those plants in the bird bath: AWESOME. SO crazy!! =) Deee-lightful.

KaHolly said...

Appears that your crazy weather is mirroring ours. I'd be the lady in the down jacket! Actually, it's a wool sweater, and I'm the one that gets the funny looks from those donning t-shirts and shorts! Great post today. ~karen