Wednesday, March 28, 2018


I got a lifer today
Say's Phoebe
An odd name
Sayornis saya (in Latin)
"Say's Say-bird"

It's a tyrant flycatcher
Which is a good name for a bird family
It has orange undersides
Not a common trait

I don't see many lifers these days
Because I have been birding since I was ten and am considerably older now
And don't go out of my way to see a lifer when it is reported on the birders' hotline
Because I just don't see the point*
Someone will post a picture
Then a bunch of other people will too

*Apart from meeting other people who share your weird hobby
Which may be the point of a lot of things
So, okay.

In any case the Say's Phoebe was on the birder's hotline
And was really close to the outlet mall where members of my family like to shop
Which is also where the planes land on top of you
Which is pretty cool
The heavies from Asia and Europe
So I went

Plus I've always loved phoebes
The Eastern, nesting under the eaves of our cottage back home
The Black I got to know in California
I could complete my phoebe set

I met a birder at the site
From his binos I knew he knew where it was
His instructions were perfect


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