Thursday, April 16, 2020

Plague notes II

The weather is nice but it isn’t real.

CBC radio folk seem intent on mining every ounce of grimness. Telling people that things are even more awful than they already know, when they’re in a situation where there's nothing they can do about anything, isn’t helpful. It’s demoralizing. Coming up next is a segment on how to hold funerals in the era of social distancing.  

Maybe stop talking for a few months. Or tell stories. People love stories.

From my window I watched a woman in a blue mask stop to photograph a red tulip.  She is my new hopeful image.


aubrey wiggins said...

Thinking about you today, Hugh! Hope you are well. Glad you are still blogging. Best Regards, aubrey

Tim said...

The activities that I enjoy don't depend on social interactions outside my home, so the doom and gloom in the media is a bit of an annoyance to me. Sure, it may negatively affect our city, and even people I know, but every story seems written to make it seem like the worst case scenario will happen to me.
But speaking of stories, are you working on anything new at the moment? Also I noticed you removed your Interpreter stories from your other blog.
Hope you and your family are doing well, glad you made it out of Toronto.

Hugh Griffith said...

Hi Tim,

During spring migration, which should be peaking over the next two weeks, I'm trying to get out birding at least every other morning from 7 to 8. The only others out then are dog walkers, mostly, and they stick to the footpaths. Other than that its groceries and staying home.

Yes, I'm still writing. Paring down the Snake Club to a marketable length, and working on another one set partly in Hawaii. I removed those longer interpreter stories partly because I want to take all that work and turn it into a single story, and maybe change the characters so that it isn't so similar to other things I have written. I didn't expect anyone to notice--it went for months with almost no readers. Thank you for your interest! I hope you and your family are coping well. All the best, H.